Rainer Becker

“Growing up in Germany, young Chef Rainer Becker’s uncompromising attention to detail and unstoppable enthusiasm were quick to become the driving force of his career.

This disciplined and committed young chef built the skill foundations of his craft in some of Germany’s most prestigious kitchens, including Goethehaus in Bensberg, Koenigshop in Munich and culminating as Chef de Cuisine in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cologne, where he remained for three years.

His true vocation; however, was yet to be recognized and his love for Japanese food and culture was shortly to change the direction of his career for good.

In 1992, his destiny took a dramatic change as he was promoted to Executive chef of the Park Hyatt Sydney where he spent 2 hugely successful years. His work was recognized and applauded by both the media and within the industry that awarded him Executive Caterer of the Year. In 1994, Rainer Becker took a position as Executive Chef in the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where he launched all five restaurants and remained for six years.

Japan fascinated Becker and he quickly immersed himself in its culture, exploring the skill, history and traditions of Japanese culinary art, from its origin, to its present style. He identified with the demand for excellence and respectful discipline that defines Japanese cuisine, from street food through to Kaiseki. Throughout these six years, the formations of an idea that would become his global vision were formed.

The challenge of London and a return to Europe beckoned and in 2002, Becker’s vision became reality and ZUMA London was born. Instantly popular, the demand was so high that two years later, still restless, Becker decided to develop a second brand & introduced Roka & Shochu Lounge.

Rainer Becker’s cuisine has gathered great respect and recognition throughout the world, yet his energy and imagination are relentless. In addition to his successful destination restaurants located in London, both Zuma and Roka continue to grow with openings from S.E. Asia to the USA.”