Maurizio Valverde

Born in Lima, Peru, Maurizio Rikardo began showing interest in culinary at the age of nine. He would watch cooking shows and video tape each segments and tried to replicate each recipe as a child. Although he initially didn’t realize that this would lead him to becoming a chef in the future, he maintained his passion for food alive by working at small restaurants to try to pay for college. Originally wanting to become a veterinarian, Mauricio’s real passion lied in food. He later attended Miami Culinary Institute in 2011, where he was exposed to a variety of chefs who would later become influences for him.

In early 2012 the opportunity to open up his own restaurant rose up, with the help of his father, Rizio’s Peruvian Cuisine came to be. Focusing not only on Peruvian cuisine, Maurizio introduced Novoandino cuisine on his menu. He rapidly became a household name with the Peruvian community in Miami as the one of the first Peruvian chefs who focused his menu on Novoandino cuisine as well as Peruvian fusion.

Rizio’s Peruvian Cuisine had the honor of being nominated by the Miami New Times for the Best of Edition for Best Ceviche in 2014. As well as winning first place for Miami’s Local 10 Top 10 for Best Peruvian Restaurant in 2014 having placed fourth in 2013. Maurizio has worked at hotels such as the Hilton, Loews Miami Beach, and Harbor Beach Marriott’s 3030 Ocean.

On his time off, he enjoys to cook with friends and family. He enjoys kayaking and fishing and loves the feeling and excitement of what he will catch that day and bring it back to the kitchen to cook with. He believes in simplicity, making each ingredient shine. His style is described as fusion of traditional and innovative. Using Peruvian culinary practices as a foundation and adding his own take on the endless supply of local ingredients, he creates dishes that are innovative, simple and elegant letting each ingredient shine through. He has worked with chefs such as Ingrid Hoffman, Frederic Delaire, Adrienne Grenier, and Paula DaSilva finding mentorship in each of them. Currently, Maurizio is working on opening his second restaurant in Miami, Pisca Ceviche & Raw Bar, a farm to table seafood restaurant concept. He’s also working under the tutelage of Adrienne Grenier, current executive chef at 3030 Ocean, where