Bruno Ponce & Aliette Weill

Bruno Carlos Ponce was born in Argentina, grew up in Uruguay and most certainly considers himself Uruguayo. Aliette Weill is a native Cuban-American from Miami. Bruno, at an early age of 10 yrs, dropped out of school for monitary reasons and decided that he wanted to be a baker and Pizzaiolo. He worked at a “Panaderia” in Uruguay throughout the nights making the dough and baking on wood fired ovens. Fifteen years ago he came to Miami and made his dreams a reality. He worked at the top restaurants and head chef and manager and soon began making Burrata from his house-after hours. He was able to sell the burrata to several top restaurants in SoBe and from here his business began to grow and now is one of the lead Artisanal Cheese providers to many exclusive restaurants in South Florida and the Caribbean.
In 2013, Aliette Weill partnered with Bruno. She’s always had the skill & love for cooking, entertaining and she perfected this art throughout the 10 years she pent travelling and working in many countries.
It was the perfect match so they opened up Store front..and proudly own the Makrket and cafe as well. Here people can buy our Fresh Hand Stretched Mozzarella, Burrata, Stracciatella, Aged cheeses to take home or stay to eat their mouth watering Paninis, Cheese Platters, Salads, Soups, Gnocchi, Desserts… COME BY & get to know us…TASTING IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

More about Bruno Ponce & Aliette Weill
What is your earliest memory involving food or wine? Bruno Ponce remembers his grandfather fermenting their grapes for wine in old massive barrels, on the roof top of their house in Uruguay. Aliette Weill can smell the Bistec de palomilla with caramelized onions and lots of lemon that her Abuelita use to make for her. I have never tasted one like it at any restaurant or home. My favorite SOBEWFF® memory is: We were so impressed when we saw that Mimmos Mozzarella had the longest line of people waiting to taste our cheeses and watching how we made Burrata n sight. Aliette presenting Giada di Laurentiis with a platter of our cheeses was also quite an honor. Another charity/non-profit cause important to me is: Any charities that help children/adolescents with severe disabilities is important to both of us. We are big supporters of Publix Supermarkets because they always provide jobs to people of this population. If I could collaborate with anyone in the world on a project, it would be: We would collaborate with each other and maybe The Hope Center in North Miami.. to make Mimmo's Mozzarella Market and Cafe a place where we can employ adolescents and young adults with disabilities in our factory. Aliette has been a special education teacher her whole adult life and we believe that everyone should be part of and contribute to their community. The residents from The Hope Center pass by daily and it is the high light of our day...REALLY! I never leave home without my: Aliette and Bruno do not leave their house with out their bathing suits, goggles, fins and surfboards!!!