Greg Baxtrom

Greg has spent the past decade working in some of the world’s most exciting kitchens, including Alinea, Per Se, Atera (where he met horticulturalist Ian Rothman), Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and most recently Lysverket in Norway. In May 2016, Baxtrom opened his first solo project, Olmsted, in the heart of Brooklyn just two blocks from Prospect Park. At this neighborhood restaurant, Baxtrom pulls from his experience and training, and fuses that with his respect for agriculture, to create a vegetable-heavy menu which is inspired by nature’s bounty all around, even–and especially–in the heart of Brooklyn.

More about Greg Baxtrom
What is your earliest memory involving food or wine?When my parents finally let me make popcorn & melt butter on the stove, just trying to balance all the tasks and mis en place of salt, butter, and corn was a challenge. Trying to get the popcorn just right without having the butter burn. I thought it was fascinating how the butter changed based on how long it was on the stove.Another charity/non-profit cause important to me is:GrowNYC, we contribute $0.25 from every meal served at Olmsted to Grow. They build and maintain youth gardens & programs in all 5 boroughs as well as help maintain the farmers markets programs.If I could collaborate with anyone in the world on a project, it would be:Grant Achatz