Andres Avayu

Born in Santiago, Chile and raised in South Florida, Chef Andres developed a passion and love for the culinary arts at a young age. Always creative, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Miami International University of Art and Design and then went on to earn a degree in the Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University. This burning culinary desire fueled out of high school when Chef Andres began his career in the restaurant industry. Working for many years with Chef Mennen Tekeli at Prezzo’s in Aventura and then again at Pa DeGennaro’s in Fort Lauderdale, he developed a strong passion for perfection. The use of French cooking techniques and Mediterranean spices are just a few of the traits he has carried with him and is still incorporating into his dishes today. Chef Andres mastered his culinary skills working with acclaimed Chef Allen Susser at his applauded Chef Allen’s in Aventura, Florida. This is where Chef Andres began to truly appreciate the art of food and develop his own unique style. It was at Chef Allen’s that he was truly able to fine tune his presentation skills and creative flair. Having always been an artist, this came very natural to him. Chef Andres also honed his craft as a Sous Chef at Trattoria Il Migliore in Aventura, where he was able to assist in the development of the menu and distinctive daily specials. Since the beginning of his career, Chef Andres has been bringing his artistic flair to the kitchen through his passion, creativity, and love for food and the culinary arts. Infusing unique ingredients and flavors into "traditional dishes" is Chef Andres’ forte. Andres’ culinary philosophy and passion reflects in his personal life as an avid scuba diver and his unyielding belief in marine conservation and taking care of our oceans. His dishes are sourced with the finest in regional and local produce and all seafood is sourced from responsible fisheries. Chef Andres is devoted to creating dishes in which the combination of flavors and textures will be one you shall never forget; one look and taste of his stunning cuisine and you will surely understand his passion.

More about Andres Avayu
What is your earliest memory involving food or wine?One time, when I was no older than 12, we were at my family's ranch in the south of Chile just horseback riding with the ranch hand. Then all of a sudden, he got a call on the walkie talkie saying that he was needed somewhere. Suddenly we went off the path and we went galloping through a dense forest, jumping over fallen trees and ducking under branches. When we got back to the house for lunch, my dad sat me down at the table and put a cow tongue in front of me and said "if you are going to ride like a cowboy, you are going to eat like a cowboy".My favorite SOBEWFF® memory is:In 2014 I was honored to be participating in the Best of the Best event at the Fountainebleau. As I was building the dishes and slicing the tuna to order, there was a guy saying "Chef, hey chef, excuse me, hey Chef" and then I realized he was talking to me and trying to commend me on my dish. That was just about 4 months after having opened my restaurant and was probably one of the first times I was called "Chef" - up until then I was just a guy in the kitchen having fun cooking.Another charity/non-profit cause important to me is:As an avid scuba diver and ocean lover, anything related to Marine/Ocean Conservation is extremely important to me. For 3 years we have teamed up with Sea Delight to offer sustainable seafood at the Tortuga Music Festival, and it is always one of my favorite events. Thanks to that connection we started our annual "Lionfish" tasting dinner at the restaurant to benefit I could collaborate with anyone in the world on a project, it would be:Francis Mallmann, the Argentine chef and author who specializes in the Patagonian way of barbecuing food. My family has a ranch in the south of Chile, so I am somewhat familiar with those types of cooking techniques but I would love to team up with Francis on an Argentine/Chilean barbeque.I never leave home without my:Beach gear. I call the surf report every morning just in case conditions are prime for some quick snorkeling/beach time.